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A modification to a portion of the lower exterior bodywork is to be retro-fitted to all SG buses.
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A modification to a portion of the bulkhead near the front door is to be retro-fitted to all SG buses.
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A new style of driver's seat is currently on test in Conyngham Road Garage's SG267, with another eleven due to be fitted in a mixture of SGs and GTs in other depots.
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A new order for Dublin Bus of 85 SGs for fleet replacement is expected for delivery from late 2018 into early 2019.
Updated 26 June...     Nine hybrid buses are expected to be trialled by Dublin Bus during 2018 and 2019. They will be supplied by three manufacturers and used on one group of routes. A full order of a quantity of hybrid buses is expected approximately a year later.
The National Transport Authority does not envisage purchasing additional tri-axle buses for use in Dublin.
Earlier deliveries of SGs are to be retro-fitted with an additional bell-stop push button in the buggy bay area.
Updated 16 November... A new Route 40E has been approved by the NTA to commence operation from 02 December, linking Tyrellstown and Finglas with the new Luas station at Broombridge.

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